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LaoEkspert offers shelves both for motorcar and lorry tyres. The tyre shelves store tyres vertically. The vertical storage preserves the tyre shape even for longer storage periods. The motorcar tyre shelf is actually a shelf for light goods, and its shelf panels are replaced with special tyre carriers. The interval between the carriers can be easily adjusted and that is why the same shelf can be used to store motorcar wheel discs. The tyre carriers are resting freely on the shelf hooks. That is why no tools are required to adjust the tyre carrier height.

There are two types of tyre shelves. Type 1 is based on longspan shelving, type 2 is based on light shelving.

Several new car centres have ordered from LaoEkspert two-level tyre shelf systems with an intermediate floor. One important factor of the two-level storage systems is that the shelf for light goods and the tyre shelf can be integrated.

The applet shelf is suitable for storing lorry tyres. When tyres are stored vertically, the shelf frame width is set to 700 mm. This ensures that even smaller-diameter tyres do not subside between the shelf beams. At large wholesale warehouses, where the circulation of goods is rapid, tyres are also stored in the prone position. In this case tyres are simply placed one on top of another on the pallet. Depending on the tyre width, up to 8 tyres can be stored one on top of another. Tyres of lifting machines or tractors are stored in the prone position.

LaoEkspert can design specially for your company the most advantageous and efficient solution aimed at handling goods flow. Despite the high quality of our products, they are favourably priced. Almost every time clients request our installation service as well. When you order the full service, you can dedicate yourself to doing your business – what you know best.