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Metal shelving is a perfect fit for households as well. The residents surely need a shelf in the garage, boiler room or storeroom. There is also a storeroom in many apartments, but its storage capacity is ineffective without a shelving system. Thanks to various extra modules, our warehouse shelves can be turned into wardrobe systems as well. Wardrobes furnished with our shelves can be found in several private residences as well as apartments. We can offer special tyre racks for storing tyres in a garage or cellar.

Watch our clip of garage shelving and equipment.

Standard shelf heights: 2100, 2200, 2500, 3000 mm
Standard shelf depths: 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 900 mm
Standard shelf lengths: 750, 1000, 1170, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2300 mm

The significant advantages our shelves over the "regular" shelves are listed below.

• High load capacity (200 kg per level).
• Easy to assemble, easy to adjust.
• Easily to dismount and move.
• Extra modules enable moving different items.
• Watertight and heat-resistant.
• Affordable price.
• Extremely durable, lasts for almost a lifetime in a household.

Our metal shelves for warehouses have also been used as a bookshelf and a TV cabinet in an apartment. The silver-grey shelving construction looks modest and stylish. Metal shelves are a pleasant change from dull chipboard furniture that furniture stores have sold for decades. With our shelves, everyone can design a modern and avant-garde home milieu as one sees fit.

No pricy workers need to be hired to assemble our modular shelves. Assembly is extremely easy and anyone will manage. One need not fear that precious furniture is left behind when moving house. Dismantling is as simple. Furthermore, a dismantled shelf is compact and fits in every car. Since the shelves are primarily designed for professional use, their load capacity is three times higher than that of a "regular" shelf. No need to fear that your carefully stocked up winter supplies fall to pieces because of a poor shelf. Thanks to the perfect module system, the function of the shelves can easily be changed. Shelf levels, tyre modules and hanging shelves are compatible with the same vertical elements. Should it happen that you no longer need a shelf in your household, we will re-purchase it at an agreed price.